Active School Flag Committee

Mr. McDonagh, Ms. O’Shea, Ms. Cooney, Ms. McLoughlin, Ms. Walsh,
Ms. Carr, Ms. Molloy, Ms. McNicholas and Mr. Healy.

Junior Yard Leaders
Conor Nolan (Room 11)
Rachel Tierney (Room 11)

Andrew O’Brien (Room 10)
Erin Coffey (Room 10)

Keeley O’Reilly (Room 13)
James Fitzgerald (Room 13)

Thomas Murphy (Room 9)
Roisin Mac Neill (Room 9)

Thank you all for your efforts in helping us to enjoy our Active School lunchtime
activities. We hope you all enjoy staying active J

Our Active Yard Activities: These are in full swing now. Well done and sincere
thank you to everyone in our fifth and sixth classes who help to make our
lunchtime yard and astroturf activities really enjoyable. It’s fantastic to have all the
activities up and running again. We have a scoreboard to track which class is the
best at performing their Active School Yard duties. The new scoreboard for these
classes for this term is on display under the back stairs. So make sure to check it
Coach of the Week and Player of the Week: Each week our Junior Yard
Committee members, with the guidance of their class teacher and the teachers and
SNAs on yard duty pick a ‘Coach of the Week’ and a ‘Player of the Week’. The
‘Coach of the Week’ students are highlighted for showing a fantastic attitude by
always ensuring the games are being played fairly so everyone can enjoy
themselves. The ‘Player of the Week’ students are highlighted for being a super
player during these games on our astroturf and on our yard. These students show a
fantastic attitude by trying out lots of activities and always offer to help the
coaches. These students are great examples of a team player.

Golden Pitch Time: Teachers and SNAs will be watching out for students who
play ‘The Bushypark Way’ i.e. playing fairly and showing kindness – all the things
we have in our players’ code. Also this reward is given to the best class who are
great at lining up on the yard and returning to their classroom in an orderly fashion.
The reward for this is ‘Golden Pitch Time’. There are lots of recommendations for
this reward each week, which is fantastic to hear. However, only two classes are
awarded ‘Golden Pitch Time’ each week – one junior class and one senior class.
Well done everyone and keep up the great work.

Schoolyard Coaches Code

1. Be a coach not a player.
2. Treat everyone fairly and with respect.
3. Act as a role model and promote the positive aspects of the
4. Encourage and help others to join in and take part in
5. Ensure that everyone is safe and happy.
6. Be on time, be prepared and observe the game you coach.
7. Communicate clearly the rules to ensure everyone plays by
8. Never criticise other players or coaches – work as a team.
9. Uphold the “Give Respect to Get Respect” motto.
10. Show your gratitude by being the best coach you can be for
others in our school.

Schoolyard Players Code 1 st to 6 th Class
1. Play for enjoyment and encourage others to join in.
2. Treat everyone fairly and with respect especially the
3. Respect the ‘Game’ and play by the rules.
4. Play with control. Do not lose your temper.
5. Be a ‘good sport’ by applauding all good play whether by
your team or the opposition.
6. Treat all players as you would like to be treated.
7. Uphold the “Give Respect to Get Respect” motto.
8. Winning and losing is part of sport: Win with humility –
lose with dignity.
9. In team sports it is important to understand that all
members are important to the team.
10. Show your gratitude by simply saying thank you to others
who help you.

Schoolyard Players Code Infants

1. Play nicely and fairly with

2. Listen to the coaches and follow
the rules of the games.

3. Remember to say thank you to
others who help you.

4. Have fun!