In Bushypark N.S., the children receive 1 hour of formal P.E. tuition every week. All strands of the P.E. curriculum are explored with every age group, from Infants to 6th class.  Our P.E. school plan gives a clear outline to the teachers as to the strands that are covered each month. The curriculum contributes to children’s overall development by helping them to lead full active and healthy lives. These stands include Athletics, Gymnastics, Games, Dance, Outdoor Adventure and Aquatics.

All strands are taught throughout the year with Aquatics being taught through water safety lessons in the classroom and swimming lessons in our local pool in 3rd class.

We are very lucky in Bushypark to have amazing sports facilities and equipment that allow the children the chance to enjoy fun and challenging lessons either in our sports hall, on our astro pitch or on our school yard.


Outside coaches visit on occasion to give workshops to the children and to enhance the P.E. teaching experience for our teachers. These have included skipping, zumba, rugby, gymnastics, hurling and football.